Our trip is on hold due to the coronavirus – 10 Months in North America

As some of you may be aware the Roamadic team were 5 weeks in to an incredible trip across North America that will cover over 25 states and 6 provinces within the next year. In our previous blog articles, we told you how we planned our trip, organized relevant visas and paperwork, mapped out our route, bought an RV and mentioned our top tips for organizing a trip as big as this.

However due to the increasing measures placed on businesses, restaurants and the rest of society from the threat of the coronavirus the Roamadic team decided to return home back to the UK. Initially this was not our intention. Following on from one of our blog articles in Atlanta, where we visited the wonderful street art it had to offer, we headed down towards Florida for Spring break and spent 2 weeks basking in the sun!

The next leg of our trip, was to be exploring Savannah, Georgia and visiting South and North Carolina before heading west. However, as we crossed the border in to Georgia the British foreign secretary urged all British residents currently overseas to return to the UK before flights were grounded and borders were shut.

With this news, we spent the next day and a half driving for 15 hours to get back to Dallas, Texas where we could park our RV at a family members house and board a flight back to England.

We made it home! The bad news is our trip is delayed, but the good news is we will be picking right back up where we left off as soon as we can (hopefully by the middle of summer.) We also wanted to mention that we have a ton of posts ready to upload as well as weekly vlogs on our YouTube channel from our trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Qatar and Caribbean islands.

We appreciate any support you give us and hope you have a great day!

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