Vietnam - What to expect

Vietnam is a hive of activity, from the cities to the countryside - this country is alive with people and historical points. We really enjoyed experiencing the history, natural beauty, food and culture that Vietnam has to offer. From a western culture, Vietnam is often portrayed within the context of the Cold War. The Vietnam War being taught in school to the Roamadic Team and famous films such as Forest Gump, Platoon and Good Morning Vietnam portraying the country as a battleground for the biggest superpowers of the world at the time. Since then, the country has certainly come to terms with its unsettled recent history and has picked up an identity of its own, free from any foreign power.

Best attractions to visit

We have listed some of our favourite attractions that we recommend visiting when in Vietnam;

  • Ha long Bay – Ha Long Bay is an incredible sight to see, nestled away off the north coast of Vietnam outside of Ha Long. It’s unique landscape compromising hundreds of limestone islands jutting out of the water has been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Cu Chi Tunnels – Experience the history of the Vietnam/American War and venture down a section of the 75-mile former Viet Cong tunnels at Cu Chi.
  • Central post office in Ho Chi Minh City – Constructed between 1886 – 1891 during the French colonial times it still operates as a working post office today. Its beautiful French architecture draws thousands of tourists a year, and trust us, its worth the visit.
  • War Museum
Average costs

Vietnam is insanely cheap; your budget will not be broken with an extended stay here.

Transportation Scale based on a 20-minute ride
$ = $0.10 – $0.80
$$ = $1.00 to $4.00
$$$ =  $5+


Transport in Vietnam is easily accessible, with a variety of options available such as motor cycle taxi’s, buses, private taxis and Grab the Asia version of Uber.  Our favourite mode of transport is public buses they go all over Vietnam and although they take slightly longer to reach destinations, they are a fraction of the price compared to the other modes of transport.

Bus $
Motor cycle taxi $$
Grab $$$
Private Taxi $$$
Accommodation scale
$ = $5 – $10 Per night
$$ = $15 to $25 per night
$$$ =  $30 to $100 per night

There are a few different options for selecting accommodation when visiting Vietnam, these include; hostels, guest houses, low budget hotels and luxury hotels. Depending on your budget and the amount of people you are travelling with may affect where you chose to stay. If you are solo travelling by yourself then a hostel maybe the best place to stay as you meet other travellers and keep your costs low. However, if you are travelling in a group, as the Roamadic team does then a hotel might be more appropriate and the cost can be split.

Hostel $
Guest House $
Low Budget hotel $$
Luxury Hotel $$$

Vietnamese cuisine makes use of fresh ingredients such as vegetables, herbs and spices with these combined to make unique flavours tantalising your taste buds. You can eat great food for next to nothing expect to pay $0.65 to $1.20 for street food and $4 to $6 at restaurants. Read our blog post on Flavours of Vietnam.

Suggested daily budget – Many attractions are free to visit such as markets, beaches and temples but make sure to leave a donation at the temples for their upkeep. We would suggest a daily budget of $20 to $25

TIps for first visit
  1. When looking for tours, visit multiple tour operators, see what each one offers and see if they’re willing to negotiate a price. You are not short of tour operators in Vietnam.
  2. Make sure you bring long trousers when visiting temples, as a requirement legs must be covered when visiting certain temples.
  3. Take enough spending money with you, to take advantage of the many shopping opportunities.
Do’s and don’ts


  • Make sure you drink and take enough bottled water with you during your day – Vietnam is a very hot and humid country, you will need water.
  • Try at least one Banh-Mi, delicious, cheap and plenty of options to accommodate everyone. Even Will, the picky eater of the group, loved having a Banh-Mi.
  • Pay close attention when crossing the road. No-one obeys the traffic laws. When the traffic light shows green, it means go, when it shows amber, it means go, when it shows red (you guessed it), it means go. The traffic will move around you, but keep your head on a swivel!


  • Do not disrespect the culture or people of Vietnam.
  • Do not take photographs and videos of the army. They do not take kindly to this.

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