Thailand - What to expect

Located in South East Asia Thailand is a hub for temples, wildlife, beaches, culture and food. Thailand is like nothing you have experienced before. The hustle and bustle combined with the culture is something magical, expect to find street food vendors on every corner offering up traditional Thai food at extremely low prices.

Best attractions to visit

We have listed some of our favourite attractions that we recommend visiting when in Thailand:

  • The Grand Palace Bangkok – Built in 1782 it housed the King for over 100 years and was later used by the government, it consists of multiple temples, golden statues and stunning architecture.
  • Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail Krabi – Not for the faint hearted this trail is a hard hike over boulders, streams and very steep incline taking over 1.5 hours to climb. If you make it to the top you will be spoilt with views of natural beauty. There is also a jutted-out rock which you can stand on separating you and 1000 feet drop.
  • Big Buddha Phuket – Standing at 45 metres tall this iconic statue can be seen from many miles away.
  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Chiang Mai – Located at the top of a mountain this golden temple is a thing of dreams. Stunning architecture and views over the city this gem is a must see if you are in the north of Thailand.
Average costs
Transportation Scale based on a 20-minute ride
$ = $1.50 – $3
$$ = $4 to $8
$$$ =  $8+

Transport in Thailand is easily accessible, with an array of options available such as tuk tuk’s, motor cycle taxi’s, buses, BTS sky train (Bangkok) and Grab the Asia version of Uber.  Our favourite mode of transport is public buses although they take slightly longer to reach destinations, they are a fraction of the price compared to the other modes of transport. But we do enjoy riding in a Tuk Tuk for short journeys. Please see the price chart below.

Bus $
Motor cycle taxi $
Tuk Tuk $$
BTS $$
Grab $$$
Meter Taxi $$$
Accommodation scale
$ = $5 – $10 Per night
$$ = $15 to $25 per night
$$$ =  $30 to $100 per night

There are a few different options for accommodation in Thailand with differing prices, such as hostels, guest houses, low budget hotels and luxury hotels. We have tried all these out and there is not much different between hostel’s, guest houses or low budget hotels. We once stayed in a low budget hotel 2 minutes away from Patong beach in Phuket with breakfast for £15 per night. Please see the price chart below.

Hostel $
Guest House $
Low Budget hotel $$
Luxury Hotel $$$

Food in Thailand is the gift that keeps on giving! You can eat exceptional food for next to nothing expect to pay $0.65 to $1.20 for street food and $4 to $6 at restaurants. Read our blog post on the Wonderful Flavours of Thailand.

Suggested daily budget – Many attractions are free to visit such as markets, beaches and temples but make sure to leave a donation at the temples for their upkeep. We would suggest a daily budget of $20 to $30.

TIps for first visit
  1. Take long trousers when visiting temples and religious monuments as you won’t be let in if you have shorts on. We recommend buying some elephant pants and leaving them in your daysack so you always have them.
  2. Visit attractions early on before the heat of the day sets in.
  3. Eat street food where there is abundance of local people eating too.
  4. Take mosquito repellant as well as Imodium tablets.
  5. Always agree a taxi price first and barter for the best price.
Do’s and don’ts


  • When buying things ask for the ‘local price’ and be prepared to barter for the price you want.
  • Show respect to monks, give up your seat for them while on transport.
  • Everyday the national anthem is played at 8am and 6pm if this is being played stop what you are doing and stand still until it is finished.


  • Don’t ride elephants or take photos with tame monkeys. These animals have been through horrific torture for you to be able to do this. Instead visit an elephant sanctuary.
  • Don’t point or show the bottom of your feet this is seen as disrespectful in Thailand.
  • Don’t pull leaves or grass, remember Thailand is a predominately Buddhist country, and Buddhist scripture condemns violence of any form.

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