Qatar (Doha) - What to expect

Qatar is a very modernized, yet very traditional Muslim country. In the city of Doha, you can expect to witness the many amenities of a growing city whilst immersing yourself in the local culture of the Arabian people. One thing to mention is that Qatar is certainly not as flashy as Dubai and does not possess as many tourist attractions as the UAE. However, an advantage Qatar over its Arabian neighbors is that it has not been completely overpowered by oil money. By visiting Qatar, you can get a sense of what traditional daily life has been like for thousands of years and experience the rich Arabian culture.

Best attractions to visit

We have listed below the top attractions that we recommend when visiting Qatar.

  • Falcon Souq – A timeless, traditional Souq displays the Arabian culture, cuisine and local shopping on offer.
  • Villaggio Mall – This mega shopping centre hosts over 200 stores and even has a European inspired working gondola flowing through the middle of it.
  • National Museum of Qatar – The museum offers you the chance to see the history of Qatar and the traditional Qatari way of life, the wildlife and marine creatures that call the country home as well as various fun interactions that the museum offers.
  • Katara Cultural Village and Beach – This village offers many exhibits, shops, restaurants and entertainment to be explored.

Qatar is a growing city and offers more and more attractions every year. Other notable attractions include Aqua Park Qatar, 2022 FIFA World Cup, Angry Birds World, Doha Oasis Quest (indoor theme park.)

Average costs

Transportation – Public transport in Qatar is fairly good. There are many bus routes and tram lines connecting the city of Doha and are all available at a very cheap price. However, as a tourist I would recommend flagging down a local taxi or using uber as it is much more convenient and you’ll pay a reasonable price for the service.

Taxi/Uber          $$$
Bus                       $
Tram                 $

Food – Dining out in Qatar can be expensive but also quite reasonable depending on your choosing. The average cost for a meal at a restaurant would be 72 rial ($20.)

Accommodation – You may not have to spend as much as you’d think when booking accommodation in Qatar. Depending on your expectations you can stay in a very good hotel for a relatively cheap price. Our recommendation is that if you're planning on being out and about exploring much of the day then you’d be better staying at a cheaper hotel.

Low Budget hotel $$$
Airbnb $$
Luxury Hotel $$$$$

Suggested daily budget – Our suggested daily budget really depends on what types of activities you want to do whilst visiting Qatar. Our top four attractions listed above are free to visit or require a small payment. The more expensive attractions such as the theme parks would inevitably drive your daily budget up a bit. Our suggestion would be around $60 which would also cover your food.

TIps for first visit
  1. Qatar may not be at the top of the list when jotting down the places you want to visit. However, many airlines visit Qatar and so it is very easy to combine your holiday with a stop over in Qatar. The main attractions can all be visited with in a couple of days.
  2. Qatar boasts many luxury hotels which all can be picked up for a reasonable price. Make sure you shop around for the best deal.
  3. Unlike many other holidays where you may have to book months in advance or meticulously plan every day of what you want to do whilst you are there, Qatar is much more relaxed. You will be able to take things day by day and enjoy a slower pace of holidaying.
Do’s and don’ts


  • Take plenty of spending money with you as things in Qatar can be very pricey at times.
  • Educate yourself on Arabian culture and make sure you have conservative clothing with you at all times. Some places will require woman to cover their shoulders and legs when visiting.


  • Do not get too drunk in public. Although alcohol is permitted in certain venues it is important to remember that you are in A Muslim country where the majority of Qatari people do not drink alcohol.

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