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Dubai is a country that embodies creativity and ambition. An inspirational success story that saw Dubai transform from rags to riches seemingly overnight with the motto “build and they will come.” A motto that has certainly lived up to expectations with thousands of tourists flocking to the modern metropolis every year. You can expect to see the best creations that man can build, the most thrilling of entertainment and attractions and finally a beautiful idyllic landscape to match. Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) and holds deep cultural roots. A must visit place for any traveler.

Best attractions to visit
  • Burj Khalifa – There are not many more iconic buildings synonymous with a country than the Burj Khalifa is with the UAE. The world’s tallest building standing at 829.8 metres or 2,722 ft has been the highest man-made structure since 2009 and offers visitors the chance to view the city of Dubai from the clouds.
  • Sand Dunes – If you fancy taking a break from the modern metropolis, then the sand dunes offer you the chance to experience the Arabian desert. Organized tours will collect you from your hotel and take you out to the desert ready to enjoy the dips, drops and climbs from the ever-changing dunes. After touring the dunes, you will be allowed to relax in a desert camp. An evening of belly dancing, sandboarding, camel riding, live entertainment, traditional food and star gazing are all on offer as well.
  • Wild Wadi Waterpark – The best waterpark in Dubai! Enough said! The reason we say this is because we have visited this waterpark over 300 times and still do not get bored. No, seriously this waterpark has everything you could want and caters for every thrill rider. From the casual waterpark goer, the wave pool and lazy river may take your fancy. For the immediate rider then the rapids and black hole maybe your favorite, and for the full-blown adrenaline junky then the Jumeriah Sceirah is by far the most obvious choice. Roamadic Recommendation! Make sure to read our blog post on 10 Best attractions to visit in Dubai.
Average costs
Transportation Scale based on a 20-minute ride
$ = $1 – $5
$$ = $2 to $8
$$$ =  $8+

The main transport methods in Dubai are either taxi, metro or you could rent a car but we would recommend sticking to private taxis or public transport. At the time of writing the Dubai metro has 56 stations, accessing most of downtown, with trams running between Saturday and Wednesday 5am – 12am and Thursday 5am – 1am and Friday 10am to 1am. Fares cost no more than 10 Dirhams per journey. Please see the price chart below.


Bus $
Metro $
Uber $$$
Meter taxi $$$
Accommodation scale
$$ = $70 to $90 per night
$$$ =  > $100 per night

You probably know Dubai as the place of luxury – an abundance of 5-star hotels, designer clothes, shops and fine dining restaurants. Accommodation in Dubai can be pricey, but if you do enough research you can find a luxury hotel within most budgets. We found a 4-star hotel, complete with a gym, two swimming pools and a buffet breakfast for less than $90. Not too bad considering a night in a UK Premier Inn is almost as much. Please see the price chart below.

Low Budget hotel $$
Luxury Hotel $$$

Dubai is full of cuisine from all around the world but we are going to focus on Arabic food. Like accommodation Dubai has a range of restaurants to suit any budget. We recommend eating at food courts when visiting malls as the food is generally low priced compared to surrounding restaurants. However, make sure you visit a traditional restaurant to try the flavour of Arabia. Make sure to read our blog post on the 5 best foods to try whilst in Dubai.

Suggested daily budget – Our suggest daily budget depends on how many water parks and theme parks you want to visit after the attractions we have suggested. $80 per day.

TIps for first visit
  1. When visiting shopping malls, make sure you wear conservative clothing or you may be asked to leave.
  2. Dubai boasts many luxury hotels which all can be picked up for a reasonable price. Make sure you shop around for the best deal.
  3. The best times to visit Dubai are in the winter months or spring where the average temperature is 86 Fahrenheit.
Do’s and don’ts


  • Take plenty of spending money with you as things in Dubai can be very pricey at times.
  • Make sure to experience old Dubai as well as the new city for a complete view of this amazing emirate.
  • Educate yourself on Arabian culture and make sure you have conservative clothing with you at all times. Some places will require woman to cover their shoulders and legs when visiting.


  • Do not get too drunk in public. Although alcohol is permitted in certain venues it is important to remember that you are in a Muslim country where the majority of Emirati people do not drink alcohol.

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